Continuously evolving over the decades, Suzuki has a rich, proud history knowing no bounds.

  • 1965

    Picture of D55


    The first Suzuki Outboard, D55, was marketed.


    2-stroke cylinder: 1 displacement: 98cm3 maximum output: 4.0kW (5.5PS)
  • 1977

    Picture of DT5


    The DT5 was released as a compact 5-horsepower outboard motor. Mounted 2-cylinder engine on, while 1-cylinder had been used for conventional 5-horsepower outboard motor at that time, it delivered powerful propulsion. The DT25 was a water-cooled outboard motor which adopted a thermostat to enable efficient cooling. The electric starter model of the DT25 was also available.


    2-stroke cylinder: 2 displacement: 113cm3 maximum output: 3.7kW (5PS)
  • 1987

    Picture of DT200 Exanté

    DT200 Exanté

    DT200 Exanté won the first "Most Innovative Products" award from the show's sponsor, the National Marine Manufacturers association (NMMA).


    2-stroke cylinder: V6 displacement: 2,693cm3 maximum output: 147.0kW (200PS)
  • 1994

    Picture of DF9.9


    Suzuki introduced DF9.9 and DF15, their first 4-stroke outboards.


    4-stroke cylinder: 2 displacement: 302cm3 maximum output: 7.3kW (9.9PS)
  • 1997

    Picture of DF60


    DF60 and DF70, the first Suzuki 4-stroke outboards with Electric Fuel Injection System, were marketed. DF60 and DF70 won the "NMMA Innovation Award" from the International Marine Trades Exhibit and Conference.


    4-stroke cylinder: 4 displacement: 1,298cm3 maximum output: 44.1kW (60PS)
  • 2003

    Picture of DF250


    DF250 is the industry's first 250PS (184kW) 4-stroke outboard. DF200/225/250 (3,614cc), the first Suzuki 4-stroke V6 outboards were revealed. DF250 won the "NMMA Innovation Award" at the 2003 International Miami Boat Show.


    4-stroke cylinder: V6 displacement: 3,614cm3 maximum output: 184.0kW (250PS)
  • 2006

    Picture of DF300


    DF300 is the industry's first 300HP V6 4-stroke outboard, and the first outboard to utilize an electronic remote control. DF300 is the winner, the "NMMA 2006 Innovation Award".


    4-stroke cylinder: V6 displacement: 4,028cm3 maximum output: 220.7kW (300PS)
  • 2014

    Picture of DF200AP


    DF200A/DF200AP are 4-stroke outboard motors based on in-line 4-cylinder engine of the DF175. In addition, DF200AP has adopted the Suzuki Selective Rotation, the world's first technology to integrate both regular and counter rotations of a propeller. The control system utilizes electronic throttle and shift systems.


    4-stroke cylinder: 4 displacement: 2,867cm3 maximum output: 147.0kW (200PS)
  • 2017

    Picture of DF350A


    Suzuki introduces DF350A 350 HP V6 4-stroke outboard. New Flagship Model Features Innovative Contra-Rotating Propellers, More Exclusive Features. DF350A is the winner, the "NMMA 2017 Innovation Award".


    4-stroke cylinder: V6 displacement: 4,390cm3 maximum output: 257.4kW (350PS)


2020 will mark the 100th anniversary of Suzuki’s long history.

With the rich history of nearly 100 years, and the experience and knowledge of automobile, motorcycle, and outboard motor development, Suzuki has come to provide technology and service unprecedented in the marine business.
And with the “Yaramaika” spirit, Suzuki has grown to create innovation and satisfaction to customers around the world.